WhatsApp Bots To Enhance The Shopping Experience!

PointNXT empowers e-commerce businesses with WhatsApp Shopping Bots, allowing you to engage with customers seamlessly on this popular messaging platform, enhancing their shopping experience.

By harnessing the power of automation and personalized interactions, PointNXT not only boosts your presence on WhatsApp but also drives increased sales and customer satisfaction across your e-commerce operations.

pointnxt oms dashboard

WhatsApp Shopping Bot

PointNXT is a cutting-edge software platform designed specifically for multi-channel order management. As a seller, you can choose your product catalogue, set up your payment methods, configure your order tracking, automate your customer interaction, and monitor your store performance.
Let your customers shop through just WhatsApp!

What features do your customers get?

View Products and Add to Cart

When prompted, the bot will let you choose to view products. You can then view the catalog and choose from the kind of product you would like to buy. The entire set of products can be easily viewed. Click on the products you would like to buy, and they get added to the cart.

Order Review

The products in the cart will then be shown with all the details, total price, and reference number. If you want to place the order, you can choose the option of going ahead.

Fill up details, and pay. The order has been placed!

Add your delivery address, and pay using the link provided. Your order has been placed. You will also receive an order invoice.

Talk to customer support

PointNXT’s Customizable Rules Engine empowers your customers to talk to people in the customer support through the option in the WhatsApp bot.

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