Sell On ONDC With PointNXT

Selling on ONDC just got simpler! Orders processing, fulfillment, tracking, and shipping, all done easily with PointNXT. Register, enter details, and start selling. Sign up TODAY! 

pointnxt oms dashboard

ONDC Seller App

PointNXT is a cutting-edge software platform designed specifically for multi-channel order management. We’ve engineered a comprehensive solution that simplifies the intricacies of order fulfillment, making it effortless for businesses seeking an all-in-one software solution. 

PointNXT revolutionizes centralized order fulfillment by consolidating orders from ONDC into a single, easy-to-manage dashboard. With real-time order syncing and automated processing, you can efficiently handle orders, reducing errors and fulfillment times.

How To Get Started With Us?

Register On Our ONDC Seller Website

Enter all the required details including pan card, GST number, address, email, contact, store detail, and others as prompted.

Excel Catalogue Management

Download the Excel Sheet provided from our end and fill in all your products details to prepare your product catalogue. After fill-up, upload it back on PointNXT's website.

Synchronized Display On ONDC Store Enabled

Once all the product details have been uploaded, these products will appear on the ONDC store, where buyers can like and order your products.

Fulfil That Order!

Once the order has been placed, you can print labels for it, ship through your shipping partner integrated with PointNXT, and track it. You can also manage returns, stock count, and costs through us.

Have more questions? Please let us know.