How PointNXT works?

PointNXT is one of the simplest ways to list and sell your products on rich e-commerce marketplaces by integrating inventory, shipping and much more.

Step 1:

Add the e-commerce channels

The first step is to add all the online marketplaces and websites where you sell your products. You can include as many or as few as you want.

Step 2:

Add Shipping Providers

From our wide range of options, add all the shipping providers through which you will want your orders to be shipped. If you dont find your provider in the list, just get in touch with us and we will have it integrated in maximum of 15 days.

Step 3:

Import your products in PointNXT

The next step is to import all your products from the channels to PointNXT by just a click. This steps is required if you want to sync your inventory on the respective channel.

Step 4:

Import Orders in PointNXT

Just click on Import orders and the orders to be shipped will be imported from all the channels.

Step 5:

Print Labels

Just choose the shipping provider and click ship to create AWB of your orders and print the labels.

Step 6:

Track Orders

To track the latest status of your orders, you dont need to do anything. Our rules will auto track the order status.

Have more questions? Please let us know.