Manage Inventory and Stay Updated On Every Channel

PointNXT’s inventory management system ensures that you meet customer demand without stockouts or overstocking, and with minimum costs. We list your top selling products, and get order reports DAILY!


inventory management pointNXT

E-Commerce Inventory Management System

PointNXT is a cutting-edge software platform designed specifically for multi-channel inventory management. The inventory management dashboard lets you track stock status per channel.

We have developed a robust platform that seamlessly integrates with all your sales channels.

Also, VIEW YOUR TOP SELLING PRODUCTS easily on PointNXT Dashboard!

What features do you get?

Centralised Inventory Updation

PointNXT revolutionizes centralized inventory updation by consolidating stocks from multiple sales channels into a single, easy-to-manage dashboard.

Product Price Syncing

Achieve real time product price sync between PointNXT and all your sales channel through one click. Click on the Inventory dashboard, tap the edit button, and commit all your changes.

Bulk Upload Your Products

Upload all your products at once without having to manually enter each product separately. Quickly bulk upload Stock in hand by downloading the Excel Sheet on the platform, updating the stock and uploading it back.

Print product lables

The title explains it all! Generate shipping labels of any product by simply pressing Print-> Product Labels.

Auto Update Stock

Auto Update Stock when orders are imported to PointNXT and while managing returns in PointNXT.

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inventory management pointNXT